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I feel used, seriously. I know a lot of girls that only sleep with extremely drunk guys.

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Some people are pickier than others. I have slept with some horrendous looking women before just because I wanted to have sex and they were available. So to answer your question, yes, we do. I'm not picky at all about girls I sleep with. However, I'm extremely picky about girls I date. I'm assuming you are talking about physical attractiveness. Yes I could have sex with a woman I wasn't all that physically attracted to if she had an attractive personality or made me feel wanted.

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Sexual attractiveness is much more than just physical appearance. I once slept with a girl I wasn't attracted to. She contacted me on OKCupid, saying she was only looking for friends. We hung out as friends, but it soon became clear that she was interested in me. Done so, repeatedly, for many reasons: Last girl I hooked up with I didn't find attractive. Even drunk I've turned down girls I'm just not into.

Some guys will do this. Some us don't feel like playing games with the super entitled prissy princesses who are very aware that they are 8's 9's and 10's. They are attractive and make you jump through hoops just to even talk to them. I don't mind sleeping with an ugly chick. If you flip them around and do them from behind you can pretend that they're actually pretty.

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It makes it seem like it is worthwhile, and when you're drunk it's easier to not care about who you're sleeping with. If she had at least one attractive feature that would override the other unattractive ones while I'm "Sex Drunk" then yes. Ive done it - not often, but i have. Had to hit that every which way i could - so I did - twice. Went home, took a Silkwood Shower and didnt look back.

But even if you blame it on beer goggles, a guy getting with a woman, is finding that woman attractive at some point. As a man all this talk of compatibility,personality is alien to me the question is not if you will get in a relationship. I can't say that I would have sex with a woman I wasn't attracted to; rather, I find that I'm more interested in having sex with a woman I find interesting -- there's a minimum level of attractiveness, yes, but as I get older, I'm more interested someone who's lived a bit, read books, traveled, and yes, suffered.

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I know a good many women who I regard as physically attractive, but their personalities are so abhorrent I find them repellent. To be honest, I only open that part of my life with women who want me as a sexual partner and I find attractive. Otherwise, I view all women as unobtainable, out of my league, and more importantly as friends. Now that I think about it, I don't think I could have sex with someone I don't find attractive. Men can sleep with anyone willing to asleep with them. Guys have even slept with women they don't even like personally.

And almost every woman has been that person at least once. I did when I was drunk once. You won't believe me but I honestly was surprised when it was initiated. I learned of a complication as a result of it and went to a few prostitutes I really wasnt all that attracted to over the next couple of years to try and see if there were any workarounds. Eventually I got circumcised and went to one more to make sure I never had to worry about it again. I'd say I was only attracted to 2 of them. My situation was pretty unique though obviously. I'd have never done any of that shit if I didn't have to worry about if I could even have sex in the first place.

No reflection on your choice of actions in the story but people may have downvoted you because it's kindof confusing to read. And then you yell at us. I've told the story a couple of times in the past on reddit and every single time it has gotten downvoted, and usually ends up being negative in score. I'm really getting tired of it. Maybe it's how you're telling it?

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Because, honestly, that sounds like an interesting story. I haven't read your others, but maybe get more discriptive. Glazing over what is really the pinnacle of the story by calling it a "complication" doesn't capture any interest or allow the reader to understand your motives. I've been more descriptive in the past to the extent of naming the complication and mentioning that I bled and could not enter a woman as a result of it.

People really don't care. They like to believe in this imaginary world where their morals and virtues would be too strong to stoop so low as to buy a prostitute. I just went through my post history and my claims are incorrect. I'm sorry for being so trigger happy over a single down vote. I see stories about prostitutes on here pretty frequently. And I doubt people downvote in an effort to maintain a status-quo in their world views.

I get you're upset people are disregarding your story, anyone would be. But isn't it possible that you're not as accepting of the fact that you went to prostitutes as you'd like to be and you're assuming others dislike you because of it? I'm on my phone right now but when I'm on my computer later i'll PM you some old threads assuming I can find them with reddit's flawless search function. I view attraction in three categories instead of the conventional two. I have attracted to which is..

I'm attracted to the person, unattracted to, which is I'm physically turned off by the person, and not attracted to, which is where I'm neither turned off or on by the person. I will have sex with anyone that doesn't physically turn me off. If there were no strings attached and no possible repercussions I would always say yes to sex with anyone that doesn't physically turn me off. If I was single of course.

Yes yes they do sleep with a lot of women they don't find attractive and more than once if the girl puts out. That and most girls in military towns are either married, cheating, or been with a lot of military dudes. Of course there is the few "good" girls that don't fall in that mix, but it is rare. So, yes men do this if the dry spell is long. I'm sure if we had women fawning over us as we do them, we could be a lot more confident in ourselves.

But as the case is, idk if I'm desirable more often than not. Sure I've had women glancing my way but for what other reason than to look at my mismatched outfit or acne scarred face? So sure I've slept with undesirables before. But only to end dry spells or some silly, sad self validation.

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But for most men: HOWEVER , guys can easily feel somewhat attracted to women they consider to be "below their league" if they think there's a good chance of sex. It's a partial attraction, not a full attraction. Just this past Wednesday I slept with a girl who I'm still on the fence about.

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She's alright, just not really my type. Not sure if I'd hit it again. It depends on how sexually frustrated I'm feeling. The more I want to get laid, the lower my standards physical attraction-wise get. There is however, a point where I could no longer even become aroused if the woman is too unattractive. Tried it once, with a girl I'd known for some time who then moved away. We communicated for a couple years via phone and internet, and eventually got together.

I wasn't attracted to her particularly, but she was horny for me. I ended up sleeping with her, but didn't particularly enjoy it. I'm not proud of it. Almost ready to call it a habit of the young and dumb, but I am not quite ready to claim I'm growing up. If not married, I would have no problem being with a woman that I like but not necessarily physically attracted. Particularly if she was interested and wanted to be together with someone. Personally I understand the need of physical intimacy that some people crave regardless of "hotness. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.