Online dating wants to date but nothing serious

Does it mean she wants to have sex but not a serious committed relationship? Similarly, what does, Casual dating / no commitment mean?.
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Originally Posted by rocketman I come across this A LOT.

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Add Thread to del. Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Page 1 of 2. Well,we have been friends ever since.

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  • We go out occasionally, we have had a weekend away which he paid for, he phones me regularly in fact he treats my very well. In fact,for someone who says he is not interested, he shows a lot of interest. If I met someone like him who wanted a committed relationship I would be interested. He was patient and a great friend to me and I changed my mind. It sounds to me like that might be happening with this guy but only you can assess that.

    There are lots of relationships that start off as friends first and succeed. I really enjoy his company, we have a great laugh. The conversation about not wanting a relationship was a year ago. Are they too set in their ways? A have seen many instances where confirmed bachelors met someone who touched their heart and went on to be in successful relationships once they met the right woman.

    When I met my man all I knew was he made me smile, the friendship flowed without drama, and there were zero games. Totally refreshing after me experience with the Narc. I was so programmed for drama it felt strange but I deprogrammed fast. I do agree with some of the posters though that it may be time to have the define the relationship talk if your feelings are intensifying or he is preventing you from exploring other options.

    I asked out my boyfriend because it occurred to me that I would be pissed if, after months of friendship, he met someone else. Sometimes you have to take the risk and be prepared to act on what you find out. If he says he has changed his mind and would like a relationship I would have to think about it.

    That vital bit of information he gave me at the beginning was enough for me not to get too attached. I have considered saying this-I really enjoy being with you but if someone came into my life just like you wanting to be in a committed relationship I would give it a go. Would you be ok with that? I also really enjoy his company we have a great time together and I might not meet anyone so why say anything?

    It sounds like a long time, but I was only making a real effort for less than a year. Maybe I had to feel the need before I could get motivated. Maybe I need to feel the need too before I can get motivated. At the moment my only wish is to remain in good health so I can work and look after myself. Tanzanite I think he is pursuing you hoping one day you will give in and have sex with him. Most guys fancy and want to sleep with their female friends. Trust me, I know. Would you let one of your GFs pay for a weekend away?

    If I was going to give in I would have done it by now. We shared all other costs as usual. I would do the same for him if I came into money. I was trying to make the point he was kind a generous. Usually we share all costs. If I had more disposable income than usual and a gf was skint I would pay for her without question.

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    • I would also do the same for him. We just have a laugh. I have a GF who allows a male friend — who likes her — pay her way.

      Would you date outside your own culture?

      Yes, it definitely seems like you are due to have a talk with this friend. Do you know what you want from him? Make sure you are clear on this first. Do you have a good rapport with this guy? Can you talk about your feelings with him? Can you make it clear when you talk to him that if he tells you he wants a relationships, gets you to sleep with him, then loses interest, that you will be devastated?

      Yes, by all means, talk to him! Take yourself out of your comfort zone in what you risk telling him about your feelings and your investment. I think casual dating is a complete waste of time for anyone. Thing is, a casual relationship is effectively one without care, respect or honesty. As soon as I smell ambivalence in someone, I am losing interest.

      I want a committed relationship and say so. I admit I might behave contradictory to what I say. My fear has me hang back a bit to see how they unfold which is then seen as ME being ambivalent. I told him upfront that I wanted to take things very slow because I normally did not go for men who were more than a few years older this guy is more than 10 years older.

      There was no sex involved. I was also upfront with this guy that I would still socialize with, and potentially date other men but that I did not intend on being sexually involved with anyone until I got to know them. However, I knew that I had to change my behavior or I would just keep repeating the same old patterns. I know that I am capable of being emotionally available. It just really feels like learning a new sense of balance.

      The Prick, and Plenty of Fishing

      I think this weekend was a turning point. I keep going back to check my own behavior. Have I been honest? Have I been sending mixed messages?

      It really is like learning balance, knowing my own limits. I want the option to date, but not sleep with, a few men before I make a decision on who is relationship material and who is not. The men I date might decide that I am not the right person for them.

      Online dating wants to date but nothing serious phillippe

      Every day a new lesson. He may very well be posessive and fussy, but equally he may be fussy about not seeing people who double date and it may be taken as posessiveness. If he is older than you he may have a different view on multidating to you. If he is secure in the knowledge that you are not a player and still is jealous then best run like a wind. Maybe you should focus on that — what do YOU feel about him. I am not dating anyone else right now, just this one fellow.

      I do think that no matter what, we will be able to discuss our feelings as we go along and if I still find myself uncomfortable about the difference in age after a little more time, I will break things off with him. Who knows, he could turn out to be great and all my worries about the age difference wont matter. Amy, it sounds like you need time without pressure from him or even yourself to make THE decision. After all, at this stage the only thing you need to decide is if you want to meet him next time.

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      Until and if you decide to sleep with him that is. If he knows already that you are not dating anyone else sorry, misunderstood that bit and gets jealous of you talking to other men, given the info from the other women, that would be the thing to watch closely for me. Good luck, and relax. He is not the last man on earth. As long as it takes. I was not sure if I was ready to date or not, and a series of one off test dates indicates that I am not.

      No one, even the pretty ones that I clicked with conversationally in my recent dates, really hold my interest, so I guess I will hibernate for another 6 months or so.