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Especially thrilling stories full of soul-freezing details come, as a rule, from such turmoil Ukrainian regions as Lugansk or Donetsk, notoriously known from news as a war zone with Russian Federation. True, the situation within the regions under conflict is hard and very sad. Such regionally grounded letters often describe hardships of everyday life during a wartime.

As a rule, Ukrainian women are dignified enough to ask for money from a stranger. But with a little common sense would you dare to come and save your beloved online dating girlfriend from the war? If the answer is NO, why do you react on her money requests of any kind? Can you really develop any happy future with such a girl?

Some girls do scamming solely, but most of them cooperate with indecent dating agencies of no scruples. We like Oksana, but cant provide her with our services free. We have her letter translated and wish to send it. Could you be so kind to inform us what we should do in this situation. Shall we give her letter back to her? Are you interested in this correspondence?

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We are looking forward for your reply. Faithfully yours,Nataly Sokolova account manager International marriage agency. Hello my dear Thank you very much for your congratulations.

Im so happy you want to help me. But I trust only those places where I can be sure about the results, you know there is so much lie in my country. And if you dont mind I would like to take courses here in my checked place. Could you be so kind to trust me too? I know what Im saying. I really value our relations and would like to continue in spite of any problems we will have. I know we are very close to each other now and should thank God who helps us. Dont you think so? My dear, I need your help and your trust.

If people can not believe each other they should not use Internet. I wish we were together during all days, and I think of you all the time, I imagine us together as well sweetheart, having romantic times together,laying next to each other in bed, holding one another, laughing, and having fun, waking up together and doing things in our everyday life together I dream of kissing you all over, making you happy with as well as the sensuous touching, the pleasure of our bodies touching each other, I need you, only you, your the woman in my life, and who wants to be with you, to experience the pleasure of love making together, the whole experience of life together as a family and yes what is mine, is yours as well.

I want to meet you soon, I think it would be romantic time when well meet, would like for us to share a room together, I just dream of you and I laying next to each other on the beach, and at the room, just makes feel so good inside, to know that you do care for me, my dreams of you sure makes me sleep so sound, I just can imagine your arms holding around me, and the touch that you have, just makes me feel so good, as well as our legs wrapped around each other My imagination of us together is so wonderful I truly care for you, its you I want to be with Youre special to me always Im sending you warm and long kisses, Im waiting for your soon decisions, Your Oksana.

Hello I can only say Im happy to have such tender person like you.


Ukrainian Women Scams: Lugansk and Donetsk dating scammers.

I would like to take courses in my agency and to be here, because my friends who took it earlier were very satisfied with them and I hope Ill be happy too. These courses were checked before by my friend and I trust them, and if you dont mind could I learn English in my agency, please, please, please, please I hope for you. You are my dream and my hope. I trust you, youll never hurt me. I need you in my life.

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Let me know about your thoughts. Your loving woman, Oksana. Hello Today I came to my agency and could not wait such beautiful letter. Youll make my dream come true. You are the best man in the world. Thank you for your attention to me. I can start my course as soon as youll help me. The group can be complicated maybe even from two people.


I promise you to be a good student. Ill be good for you, all I do is to be with you and not to lose any connection with you, so I decided I must take these course and you, my tender man, agreed with me. Ill be waiting for your help. You can send money right to my agencys manager. The course are here, there are so many high qualified teachers.

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Im so happy to take it Im so exited. You are my rescuer. Ill ask my agency to send you information. Im going home and will tell my mother that Ill take these courses at last and youll help me. Im leaving my agency now and well be waiting for your soon decisions. Hello My dear, you are so kind person and Ive never met such tender man like you. You are the best. Now I see you are very serious to me.

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  5. I would like to meet you as soon as possible. I dream about us walking in romantic places and only we are together without any interpreters. Only you and I. I miss you so much. Ill be a good student, if you permit me to take these courses. You know I dreamed about it from my childhood to learn English, but my mother could not give money to me. Its only you who can help me now. You are so close to me, we should trust each other and be together near forever. Thank you again that you want to make my dream come true. Of course I want to be with you and I know that I should learn English for us.

    Im afraid to tell you the price, youll leave me immediately. But you can help me with only part of it, and after that well see.

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    Its very good ones all my friends are exited to learn English here. Your loving woman here,Oksana. Hello Im very glad that we become close to each other with our meet. Ill be waiting for your soon coming to my city in summer, but I should prepare to it I think to learn some basis of English till your coming.

    What do you think about my thoughts????????? Itll be great to speak with you during our me t. You know, I found myself thinking about you all the time. I cant wait for the day I could see you, speak with you, touch your hand.

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    I tried to imagine our meeting, but it doesnt work.